Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Fun!

Oh, the glorious days of summer! If you are like me, I love to enjoy summer to it's fullest! But, with 3 kids, things can get pretty expensive! A few years ago I started scouring the web to see what low cost or even free things I could plan so our summer days wouldn't get boring…because 3 bored kids = constant arguing = annoyed mommy. So I thought I would share the list I have in case you needed some cheap/free things to do this summer!

We all know how expensive it can be to see a newly released movie, but if you are willing to see a movie that has been out for a while, you can snag a great deal, if not free deal! Regal offers $1 movies throughout the summer of previously released shows, but my kids don't mind if the movies have already been released. There's something special about seeing it in a theater! Once Carmike is offering their sweet deal of $4 gets you a movie ticket, a small drink, and a small popcorn. If you bring in a can of food for their food drive, you only have to pay $2! Click here to see which theaters near you are offering this (or a similar) deal!

And nothing beats an outdoor movie in the summertime! With a little bit of legwork Googling "free outdoor movies summer 2015," you can find various locations to take the kids. Click here to see which locations around Atlanta are showing free outdoor movies.

My family has been into geocaching for a while now, and it's like one big treasure hunt! Just download a free geocaching app on your smart phone, and you are ready to roll! My kids love seeing what treasures are hidden and leaving our own. Some even have a virtual logbook you can sign! We have even started doing this on vacation. Here is the official geocaching website that has tips for getting started!

Who doesn't want to be indoors when the heat is rising outside? Some bowling facilities offer free bowling during the summer! Stars and Strikes is the alley near us with this sweet deal that lets kids bowl 2 free games per day all summer long. Specifically, it's called the "Kids Bowl Free Program," and you can find out more info here along with an alley near you!

Fly an Airplane
A REAL AIRPLANE!!!!! I flew one when I was 16 (I don't know if it was through this program or not), but the experience was incredible! Kids ages 8-17 can take a FREE Young Eagles flight to see what real pilots do in the air. I have yet to take my 3 kids to do this, but I really want to later this summer to give them an incredible ending to their summer break!

I hope my list have given you some ideas beyond your normal summer day! Throwing in a little variety can be just what the kids need to keep them occupied and not arguing with each other!

Happy Summer!!!!