3 - Respond to Text Printables

 I have used the reading workshop model for about 8 years now.  It has changed a lot over the years!  One thing that has stayed the same is the ‘Respond to Text’ station.  This is a time where students get to write about their reading.  The station stays the same all year, but the activities in the station change.  Below is a list of activities you can add to your ‘Respond to Text’ station at the beginning of the year.

1. Bookmark Book Report

At the beginning of the year, some students struggle to finish chapter books.  I find that this bookmark book report helps them stay engaged in their reading.  The students keep track of the pages they read, and complete activities as they read their book.  There is a fiction and nonfiction version available for download.

2. Text Structures Tri-fold

Students can use this trifold to ‘hunt’ for different text structures.  Just put a basket of nonfiction books at the station and you are set!  It’s a great way to get them reading nonfiction books.

3. Choice Board

Students get to choose what activities they’d like to complete.  This is great because it can be used for the story of the week (if you follow a basal) or the chapter book they are currently reading.  You can have the students glue this page inside their reading notebook, or have them staple their responses to this sheet and turn in.

Download the Printables:
Click here to download the bookmark book report.
Click here to download the text structures trifold and choice board.

More Resources:

Thanks for reading!  I hope you will find these printable helpful :)