Interactive Test Prep Vocabulary

Standardized test!  Ugh!  Every year I dread the time when I have to really start to think about, “the test”.  The pressure is exhausting!

It wasn’t until this year that I started to really focus on the verbs of the standards.  You can read about that here.

Teaching students what it means to explain, cite, demonstrate, and categorize are among 42 of the words that my students interact with throughout the year.  We have a test prep interactive notebook that we add to.  Students are introduced to a word, they place the word in their notebook along with its meaning.  

Students provide a synonym and an antonym, then provide examples on how the word may be used in both math and reading.

We continue to refer back to the notebooks throughout the year.  It has been a powerful tool!  When a student comes across a word in daily practice or on a test, they like to go back to their notebooks and add the example.  There have been many ah-ha moments, which is SO exciting!

You can find the Interactive Notebook for Test Prep Vocabulary Notebook shown above HERE or by clicking the image below.  

To add a little fun we started playing bingo with these powerful verbs.  Since there are 42 verbs that we have covered at this point, I usually choose about half of them at a time when playing.  Students know which verbs will be called out during bingo, so they pick 16 of the words to place on their board. 

Then the fun begins.  I read the definition and/or give an example of how the word would be used.  For example, if the word is “cite” I may simply read the definition. My favorite is to give them an example, because it seems to be more meaningful.  For example I may tell them they may need to do this when describing a character and need to prove a point. 

The traditional rules of bingo are followed, and the students love it!  They are having fun playing a game while reviewing these crucial verbs!  Amazing! 

You can download the FREE Bingo for Test Prep Vocabulary HERE or by clicking the image below.  

Wishing you and your students successful testing!