Math Sorts!

When I taught first grade I would use spelling sorts ALL THE TIME. Students enjoyed cutting and manipulating the cards. (Who doesn't like to cut/paste?) I have wanted to have a sorting center in my classroom for a while now and FINALLY it hit me to combine sorting cards and math :) SIMPLE! I already had the perfect pocket chart to use. It has been stored in my closet, and I was so happy to take it out!

I bought the above pocket chart from LakeShore.  (Click Here).
I decided to start with rounding since that is a skill my students need a refresher on before they move on to fourth grade. I was amazed at how even though they are good at rounding, they found this activity challenging. One way to make this simple skill challenging is to NOT give them the categories.

Ways to Extend the Sorts
1. Have students write down the categories and the cards in their math notebook.

2. Have students explain how the cards in each category are related.

3. Have students store their cards in a baggie, so they can sort the cards multiple times.  This is great to improve their fluency!

4. Have students write their own cards that would follow the categories.

If you would like to try some rounding sorts with your students, I am going to share 4 with you!  You can use them on pocket charts or simply have the students sort them on a table.

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