Summer Reading List ~ 12 Teaching Ideas Worth the Read

I am always looking for something to read.  I don't always get to it, but I have a lot to choose from come summer.  This week, I've compiled some of our most favorite and popular posts.  Each post provides a teaching tip, idea, inspiration, or all of the above.

10 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts  

From Teaching With Simplicity

Let's be honest, practicing multiplication facts can be a bore and a chore.  You may want to try these:   Pick-a-Card, Number Draw, Multiplication Pyramid.  Sound interesting?  Read more here...

Math Perseverance

From Teacher Studio

How do you get your students to persevere in Math?  Give them problems that are challenging, but provide them with tools to be successful.  Read more here...

How to Teach the Standards through Social Studies Inquiry Circles

From One Stop Teacher Shop

What are inquiry circles?  They are a lot like research projects, but they begin differently.  Read more here...

5 Reasons to Use Mentor Text with Big Kids

From The Teacher Next Door

Number one, mentor texts can be used across the curriculum.  Read more here...

Getting Math Stations Started

From Learning with Mrs. Santillana

What's the first step?  Create a schedule and have students begin learning about the stations.  Read more here...

Making Deep Connections

From Crafting Connections

Begin by creating an anchor chart that distinguishes surface level connections form deep connections.  Read more here...

Using Picture Books to Teach Cause & Effect

From Teaching Fourth

The Memory String, Pinduli, just to name a couple of books to teach cause and effect.  Read more here...

10 Steps to Prepare for Writing Workshop

From Rocking Resources

For each student you need a composition notebook, two 3-prong pocket folders and....Read more here...

Putting the Spotlight on Mentor Sentences

From Create Teach Share

A mentor sentence is a well-crafted sentence that can be found in any text.  What do you do next?  Read more here...

Grading vs. Noticing

From 2 Brainy Apples

Why give your students a whole page to see if they know how to do something?  Give them 5 problems.  Read more here...

Organizing Books for Read Aloud

From Clutterfree Classroom

There is no better time to organize those read alouds than summer.  Need some ideas and tips accompanied with photos to get started?  Read more here...

Doodle Page Borders

From The 3am Teacher

Who doesn't love free clipart?  On top of that, who doesn't love page borders?  Read more here...

That's it!!   Your summer reading list has been compiled for you, and you now have ideas to save for back to school. We most definitely don't want to get ahead of ourselves, so be sure to enjoy your well-deserved summer!

Happy first official day of summer! Woohoo!!