3 Behavior Management Ideas to Try When Yours Is Not Working {Includes FREE Printables}

Hi friends! It's Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom and today I am going to share some classroom behavior management ideas that have been successful in my classroom. At this point the new year is underway for everyone and you are all getting to know your new class. You may be finding that the behavior management strategies that have worked well for you in the past are not working as effectively with the cohort in front of you this year. If so you may want to add these three things to your bag of tricks to mix it up a bit.

Secret Student
I really stress the importance of walking quietly through the halls when we are transitioning to lunch and specials so we do not disturb other classes. To make the process more fun I pick a secret walker {read about it in detail here}before we leave the classroom and announce who it was when we get to our destination...but only if that student demonstrates “role model behavior” the entire way. This worked so well that I implemented the same concept into our time in the classroom. It is not something I would do for every lesson or activity, but instead used it when the group needed a reminder and incentive to remain focused and on task. When needed I would get their attention and say, “I am picking a secret student for our math lesson. If the secret student sits quietly, focuses on my lesson and answers questions I will announce who it is when we are done.” If someone was a successful secret student I had him or her “clip up” on our clip chart.

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Teamwork Bingo
Print a hundred chart and display it in your classroom. Place numbers 1 through 100 in a can, bag or other item that keeps them hidden. When your class works well collaboratively, gets a compliment from another teacher, or demonstrates whole class role model behavior, draw a number and color in that square on the hundred chart. When there are 10 numbers in a row colored in the class wins a prize. Alternatively, you can just use a game board and the calling card from a traditional Bingo game.

The Paper Chain
This system can be used similar to Class Bingo by having them earn a link by getting compliments or working well as a class. It is also perfect for reinforcing goals and expectations as you establish your new routines and procedures. Start by taping a single loop to the ceiling or high on the wall in the classroom. Prior to a transition or an activity remind the students of the expectations. Let them know that if they work as a team and meet those expectations they will earn a link. If they are successful add a paper strip to the chain and form a loop using tape or a staple. When the chain reaches the floor the class earns a prize.

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