How To Implement Positive Classroom Behavior- An Easy Classroom Management Plan

How to Implement Positive Classroom Behavior-  An Easy Classroom Management Plan


Have you ever had that child who pushed your buttons on a daily basis? Are you having a difficult time controlling your class? Do they tattle, make poor choices, argue, or complain?  This post will provide ideas to handle these types of situations in a positive manner.  Putting a positive spin on classroom management will reduce your stress and make your classroom a happier place!  Students will be more apt to help each other, open up to you, build relationships, and participate in class.  Try some of the following ideas in your classroom!

Either create class rules together like a Class Constitution or provide Five Basic Classroom Rules.  Even if you create a class rules list, more than likely they will boil down to these 5 rules like the following and the class will still feel like they were part of the decision making.

1.  Follow directions the first time.
2.  Raise hand for permission to speak.
3.  Be prepared.
4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5.  Be polite to others.

Speak to students in a polite manner.  If you are frustrated. instead of yelling, “Line up quietly!”, say calmly, “We can line up when you are quiet. If we are late for lunch, I’m sorry.”  Many times standing at the door quietly pretending to look at your watch works well too.  Here is a list of other positive statements.
Instead of calling your isolated chair a “Time out” chair, why not call it something like, "Soar Chair" or "Reflections Chair"? Tell them, “I want to see you soar!” Place a form at the chair to fill out so they can reflect on how to make things better.  Keep the chair in your room, not in the hall, so they can still get something out of the lesson. Tell them that they can excuse themselves back to the class after they reflect on a positive solution. If it continues, send the student to a “soar” chair in another classroom.  Make prior arrangements with another teacher that when you need to use her soar chair, you will bring the child over.  Tell the student, "I really want you to be a part of the class, so write your thoughts down and we will discuss later!" The reflection form can be very simple.
Sample reflections:
What behavior do I need to change?
How can I change my behavior in a positive manner?
I am ready to go back to my seat.  Yes or No
Note to teacher:

Don’t interrupt your lesson to deal with tattling, complaining, or poor choices. Allow them to calm down, which also gives you time to think. Continue with your lesson. Say, “I’m sorry you are having this experience or I’m sorry you are not having a good day. I would like to help you, but not during a lesson. It isn’t fair to the other students. I can talk about it during recess or another time.”

Offer awards throughout the year, not just at the end of the year. Students can collect them in their agendas or take them home to place on the fridge. It is never too much to hand them out monthly or even weekly!  Give awards for things as simple as, “I am proud of you for learning your multiplication facts this week!” or "Thank you for helping out a classmate."  Positive praise is also important.  Don't miss an opportunity to compliment or praise a student.  Encourage students to do the same in your classroom.   A simple praise will go a long way!  It is even nice to call home or email a parent to let them know something positive.  The students will love it!

Offer rewards and it doesn’t have to be candy!  You can just randomly give them a reward or have them keep track of their awards or positive behavior on a card., then give a reward when a goal is met. For example, get 5 stars to get a reward! Pick out of the basket or jar for the reward or have a treasure chest filled with items for rewards. Some reward ideas to place in a basket or jar:

  • Sit at the teacher’s desk.
  • Be first in line.
  • Take shoes off for the day.
  • Sit next to a friend.
  • Pick a free pencil.
  • Have lunch with your teacher.

Implement whole class awards and rewards. It will help students to encourage each other to have positive behavior. Keep a goal chart or fill a marble jar for the class so they can see their progress!  When they reach a goal, then the class gets a reward!  It is a great idea to have rewards ready.  You can either tell them the reward they are working towards or put reward ideas in a basket and pick one once they reach the goal.  Some class reward ideas:

  • Everyone picks out of the treasure chest.
  • Extra recess
  • Sit by a friend
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Dance Party

Give your students choices.  It is ok if you decide on the choice selection, but they will appreciate their voice.  Vote on choices as a whole group (Do we want to have extra recess or watch a movie?) and allow students to make choices on individual work. (You can handwrite or type the final product.)

Find out your students' interests.  This can be done through an Interest Survey.  Make small talk with each student individually.  "How was your soccer game?"  If one student in particular is making poor choices daily or you don't seem to connect with him or her, make arrangements for them to help in your class after school or go see them participate in an after school activity or sport.  Talk to the parents and let them know your intentions.  The child will see that you care and it will give more conversation ideas for in the classroom.  Although it may be difficult to fit in your busy schedule, it can make a huge difference and cause less stress for you the rest of the year.

Have a mailbox on your desk for personal notes. This will open students up  to share things that may be bothering them, but are afraid to tell you. It will also allow you time to deal with the problem. Tell students that they can tell you anything and you will make time to listen or deal with the problem.  Student will appreciate you taking the time!

***I hope these ideas will be helpful to you in your classroom!   If you are interested in a classroom management plan with rules, awards, rewards,  goal cards, reflection forms, and more click on the picture below.  A printed version of these ideas are also included or click HERE.

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