Bully Busting 101

Every year students in elementary school face bullying. Whether it is on the playground, in the hallways, on the bus, or even in the classroom, bullying is always an issue.

We have created a quick Bully Busting 101 session that you can use in your classroom to help start the conversation about what to do when a classmate is bullied. We hope that you can follow the below steps to help bust bullying in your school.

Recognize Bullying 
In order to stop bullying, students have to understand what bullying is. Brainstorm with the class what their perceptions are about bullying. This can be done with chart paper or on a white board. Elicit responses from students and write them down. After the list is compiled, try to separate the incidents that wouldn't be considered bullying and discuss why. Then point to the examples where someone is repeatedly harassing a student. These are the incidents you want to focus on.

Be a Bully Buster
Once your students have recognized what bullying is, it is time to show them how they can be a bully buster! We have created an acronym that will help students remember.

Be a friend to someone who is being bullied. Don't walk away from the incident. Show the person you care.

Use a firm voice to the bully to let them know you mean it. If you are shy or timid, the bully will see this and maybe will start picking on you!

Stand up to and speak out against the bully. This is a great time to show the bully you mean business. Don't get physical, but stand your ground to show that you are there for the victim.

Tell an adult about what happened. It is so important to tell a trusted adult about the experience. The adult will more than likely act upon what happened and seek out the bully to issue a consequence for his/her behavior.

Exit the scene with the victim as soon as you can. Try to leave the scene as quickly as possible. The longer you stick around, the more chances the bully has to continue what s/he has been doing.

Reassure the person being bullied that you are there to help. Let the person know that you are not going anywhere and that you are there for him/her. This will mean a lot to the person and it will also show the bully that the victim is no longer alone and as vulnerable.

Role Play
Now that your class recognizes bullying, and has tips on what to do in these situations, it is time to role play the types of bullying that your class listed earlier. Make sure that when you are role playing you pick a few students to be the bullies because oftentimes it is more than one student ganging up on another. Pick students to play the role of upstander, the students who step in to help. Make sure they use one of the Bully Buster strategies. Debrief after each role play and discuss what worked and what could've been done differently. This should help your class see what can be done.

Challenge your class to be Bully Busters! School should be a safe environment for everyone. They are now trained in busting bullies so let them know that it is their job to stop bullying in its tracks!

You can download our How to Be A Bully Buster poster for free by clicking here or on the image below.

Please let us know how your Bully Busting 101 Session with your class went!