Summer Math Websites for Your Kids

Who loves summer time? I know I do and I'm sure your kids do too. The end of the school is a signal that summer is about to begin. And the end of the year is typically as busy as the beginning.  There's Field Day, Awards Day, end of year testing,  field trips, and more!

However, summer time also means that the possibility of summer loss. If you are a teacher you know that summer loss is real and it's important that our kids continue to practice math in a fun yet meaningful way.

BUT with everything that is going on, who has time to gather a list of math websites for your kids to work on during the summer?

(Raises Hand).....I've compiled 6 websites for you to send your kids to or send home to parents.

As I searched through many different websites, there were 3 main things that I looked for: 

            1.  The website was free

            2. The website provided a variety of fun math practice for students in grades 
                 Kindergarten through 5th

            3. The website didn't require teacher or student logins

In the search for my "3 Look Fors", I noticed that these websites also covered a range of  topics from number sense to fact fluency.   Yes! Just what many of our students need.

6 Summer Time Websites for Kids:

I created a resource called the 900 Minute Summer Math Challenge with all the above websites listed AND a parent signature log.  Let's challenge our students to find a math game of their choice and practice for just 30 minutes a day. After they finish the online practice, parents can initial the log. Do this same routine for 30 days and that's a total of 900 minutes of math practice.  Now that is a great way to review and have fun during the summer.

So let's help combat summer loss together.  Simply print and hand out the 900 Minute Summer Math Challenge to your kids on the last day of school.

To download this free resource, click on the link below and join my email list and become one of the Math Fam for more helpful math resources.