SAVE TIME - Review Basic Computer Skills

Review Basic Computer Skills, Technology in the Classroom, Keyboard shortcuts printable and cursor icon printable

Technology can be awesome. It can help bring excitement to any subject, but it can also bring frustration if you don't take the time to review basic computer skills. In this blog post I will go over some basic skills that you should review before sending off students to complete digital assignments. I hope you find the free printables helpful.

The problems:
  • Students accidentally delete text boxes
  • Students take too long copying and pasting images

The solutions: 
  • Students may not be aware of the 'magical' undo shortcut. If they accidentally delete an item, students can quickly use the undo shortcut or click the undo icon.
  • Students can use the copy/paste shortcuts to quickly make copies of images.
Click the image below to download a free printable with keyboard shortcuts. It includes both a Mac and Windows version. 

basic computer skills, keyboard shortcuts

Help students understand what their computer is doing by reviewing the many faces of a cursor icon. The cursor icon tells a student...
  • when a page is loading
  • when a text or image is a hyperlink
  • when they can resize an image
  • when an image is moveable 
  • when they can enter text
Click the image to download a free printable. 
basic computer skills, cursor icons free printable

I hope you find the printables helpful as you integrate technology in your classroom.