5 Reasons to Use Motivational Posters in Your Classroom

For the past several years, instead of posting a list of rules in my classroom, I have used motivational posters. Not only do they make a pretty bulletin board that can be left up year around, there are several other reasons why using motivational posters in your classroom can be a benefit to your students.

1. Motivational posters provide students with a positive message. Rather than posting a list of behaviors that students should not do, motivational posters provide students with examples of positive behaviors, and these posters can help to reinforce the positive behaviors that students should strive to have.

2. Motivational posters make a great morning routine. Simply choral read, or have a student in charge of reading the motivational posters each morning. This is another way to motivate students each morning to be their best.

3. Motivational posters can be used as a reference. When students make mistakes, motivational posters are a great reference to remind students how to correct their behaviors. 

4. Motivational posters help students understand classroom expectations. 

5. Motivational help to instill positive character traits in our students. They can become a part of character education in your classroom.

I love creating motivational posters, and I have an owl themed poster for you for FREE. You can find this free owl theme motivational poster HERE. I also have a wide variety of motivational posters in my store that are sure to match your classroom decor. Find owl theme posters, chevron posters,  bee themed posters, blue and green (shown above) and more. My favorite sets include:

Black and White Motivational Posters- copy these on any colored paper to match your classroom

Cactus Themed Motivational Posters

Rustic Farmhouse Themed Motivational Posters

If you have not tried motivational posters in your classroom, I highly recommend that you try them! You and  your students will love them. I always love hearing the students repeat the sayings to motivate, encourage, or remind one another to be their best.

Have a blessed day!