Self-Care for Teachers

It doesn't matter if it's the first week of school or the last six weeks because teacher self-care matters all the time. Self-care for teachers means changing the historical narrative of burning the candle at both ends.

Burnout is real and it happens all the time. Teaching is tough so taking care of your needs has to be a priority. 

Here are 25 ideas you can try yourself (inside and outside of school). 

Leave your school bag at least once a week...or more

Don’t take school home with you
When you leave you’re gone. Don’t work remotely. 

Set boundaries 
Say “no thanks” to being on that extra committee. 

Don’t make someone else’s school issue your issue 
I know it sounds easy- but it's not. Make sure you're holding strong.

Get outside and see the sun during the school day 
Recess and lunch is nice. Afternoon recess is even better. 

Keep school email off your phone
If someone at school really needs you, I’m sure they can find your cell phone number. And you shouldn’t be responding to emails when you’re on your time. 

Move around. Get your steps in. Just get up and do something. Exercise is going to look different for everyone and there’s no magic bullet. We just need to get up and move. 

Stop eating candy at school
Seriously, I love candy. I mean I love the kid candy like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and gummy bears. But I’ve had to stop eating them at school. Once I hit sugar- I can’t stop. So I’ve started really watching my sweet intake. 

Stay out of the teachers’ lounge OR go in it
The lounge can be good or bad. Decide if it’s hurting or helping and choose how you’d like it to affect you. 

Find a hobby you really like and immerse yourself in it. 
I like to travel outdoors, so researching areas and finding out what my family can do is a great way to unwind. 

Find a podcast

Read a kids book

Read an adult book

Binge watch something

Find a weekly TV Show (that you know is mindless) and enjoy it 
I do this with The Bachelor because I need a couple hours a week of turning off the brain. 

Stop reading the news for a couple of days
Sometimes the world seems like a hellscape and if you need to get away from it. 

Visit a national park
This is not always easy, so any park will do

Foster a pet
Every few months we foster puppies for a few weeks then they go up for adoption. It is wonderful.

Eat at a locally owned restaurant 

Support a small business 

Binge watch another show then find a podcast that discusses the show. 
Then you can double up the amount of time you spend with it. It is fantastic.

Go to sleep

Take a break from social media
Unless you want to watch cat and dogs videos then it's okay.

Drink your water
Stay hydrated

Disregard everything on this list and do whatever you feel is necessary to get yourself right. 

**It should be noted that all of these ideas have been tested by me. Most are still happening. Not eating candy is hard.

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