5 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

It happens every school year. Students rush out of the doors that last bell before summer break. And for most, that is the last time for a few months that they will be near anything remotely education related. So all those gains you saw in your students start to whittle away as summer slips by.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There are many things that your students can be doing over summer vacation that will help them continue to learn in a fun and engaging way.

We have broken down our 5 ways into the 5 core subjects in school. This, by no means, is a final list, but it is a great place to start!

1. Read With Someone
Reading can be fun when you read to someone else. It could be a friend, younger sibling, or even a pet. Taking the time to ready with someone else will put a smile on their face.

2. Reading Calendars
Make reading fun by having students track their minutes over the summer. Then next school year have them stop in for a treat from you! It could be a free book from Scholastic, a few bookmarks, or even candy. Show them that you want them to continue reading over summer! Click here to find our calendars that we use for June, July, and August.
End of the Year Summer Reading Logs
3. Visit the Public Library
Who doesn't love a trip to the public library? Many libraries also have summer reading programs that kids will be interested in joining. Plus, it is way bigger than the school one!

4. Reading Places Challenge
See how many unique places your students can read this summer? Can they read in their rooms, under the kitchen table, in the backyard, by a pool? Challenge them to see how many unique places they can read by the end of the summer!
silhouette of child sitting behind tree during sunset

5. Campsite Reading
Turn your backyard into a campsite! Pitch a tent, or whatever you have to make an outdoor shelter, get a flashlight and read in the dark after the sun sets!

1. Write a Letter
Writing letters is a lost art. But people love to get letters in the mail. Teach your students how to write a letter before summer break and send it off to a friend or relative asking them to write back. Then, throughout the summer stay in contact with this person by writing letters back and forth!

2. Create a Story
Grab some paper and a writing utensil and find a place to just write. It could an imaginative story, a comic strip, a personal narrative, or whatever else your students find interesting. Just get them writing for the summer.

3. Keep a Journal
Students love to keep journals and here is the perfect way to do that this summer. Have students start their journals that last week of school making a list of everything they want to do in the summer. Then, have them make daily or weekly entries over the summer about all the activities that they did.

4. Write to a Prompt
Sometimes students have a hard time thinking of ideas to write about. We found a great website that has 37 ideas to write about during the summer. Take a look here.  We also have a free resource that will spark children's interest in writing too. You can find it here.
Creative Writing Ideas and Task Cards

5. Make a Book
Become an author and write a book! Now, it can be a comic book, graphic novel, or even a joke book. But have fun creating a book of their own over the summer!

1. Make a Recipe
Who knew math involved food? Well, have fun this summer by making some recipes with a parent or older sibling. Make sure to follow the measurements in the recipe or your treats may not turn out too yummy!

2. Go Grocery Shopping
Ok, we get it. This isn't something that you like doing. But did you realize how much math is involved when your parents go shopping. First, they probably have a budget of how much they want to spend. Second, they need to look at prices on items to see what is the best deal. Third, if they buy any produce (fruits and veggies) they are often sold by the pound so a scale needs to be used. Fourth, if there is anything bough from the deli, it is measured often in pounds. There is so much more math involved. Take some time to go grocery shopping this summer!

3. Build Something
Whether it be with Legos, Lincoln Logs, Popsicle sticks, or food cans from the pantry, use your creativity to build something over the summer. Little did you know that building requires problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. Have fun and build something amazing!

4. Math Olympics
The summer is a great time to host your own Math Olympics! You can create events such as the fact speed test, the long distance barefoot run, the watermelon seed spitting contest, build the tallest sand castle and so much more!

5. Sidewalk Chalk Math
This is one of our favorite activities. Get some sidewalk chalk and have fun. You can practice your math facts, draw geometric shapes, write fractions, or even make a beautiful design. It all involves math!

1. Keep Track of the Weather
Let's see if your students can be better meteorologists than those they see on local TV! Have them learn about temperature, barometric pressure, high and low pressure, and so many other things. Or just have them simply track the weather each and every day!

2. Take a Nature Walk
There are so many things in nature that go unnoticed each and every day because people are so focused on their destination. Well, not this summer! Have your students purposely talk nature walks and write down the animals they see and hear, describe the different types of plants and trees, and note changes in landscape. Getting out in the fresh air will do them some good!

3. Science Experiments
Who doesn't love science experiments? We found a great website that has tons of great ideas for summer science projects. You can find two great websites loaded with ideas by clicking here and here!

4. Ice Excavation
Get frozen in time, literally! Take a tiny toy or object and put it in water. Then put that container in the freezer. Wait for about a day and remove. Now students need to use some tools to help excavate the object without damaging it. Watch them have fun as they try to remove the object.

5. Animal Study
Summer is a great time to observe animals. Whether it be at a local zoo, a park, or even their own pet, have students study an animal of their choice. They can make a journal that can include: the animal's name, characteristics, what it eats, where it lives, habits and so much more. They could even include drawings as well.

Social Studies
1. Map Your Neighborhood
Don't let those geography skills go to waste over the summer! Have your students map out their neighborhood. We have a complete resource that you can find here!
Map Skills Creative Activity Creating a Childhood Map

2. Find the Fastest Route
All kids like to get to their destination the quickest way. They don't like parents taking the "scenic" route. So the task here is for children to research the fastest route to their next destination. Whether it be to the park, to grandma's, or to a different city or state, see if they can come up with the fastest route.

3. Research Your Town
You grow up in a city, but you don't know much about its history. Take some time to either go online or to the public library to learn more about the history of your town. You may uncover some famous people, some facts you didn't know, and maybe even some crazy facts that you could stun your friends, parents, and even teacher!

4. Plan Your Trip
If you are taking a summer trip, help plan out the vacation with your family. Write down the cities you will travel through and any states, if any, that you will pass through too. Research things to do in those places and have fun!

5. 4th of July Facts
We all know that the 4th of July is a time to celebrate. But why? Do a little research and find out what happened in the late 1700's in America. What was going on at that time? What did some colonists want? Why is July 4th so special? After finding all of this out, share with your family and then have mom or dad celebrate by lighting off some fireworks on this special day.

Summer is a time to have fun, but to keep learning as well. We would love to hear what activities you plan to do this summer!

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