Organizing Student Usernames and Passwords

I forgot my password....I forgot my username....Sound familiar?!?!  It can be exhausting, time consuming, frustrating, and annoying.  Yes, I said it!  It can be annoying!   We have stuff to get done, we are on a time frame.  You can't forget your username and password!!!

After 13 years in the classroom I decided that I needed a solution to the "forgetting my username and password phenomenon".  Here is my solution to said phenomenon.

For each website that my students have their own username and password for, I have a specific set of cards attached with a loose leaf binder ring.  We call them tech cards.  Each student has their own card, and each card contains their name, username, and password listed.  

Attached to the front of the cards is a title card.  The title card lists the name of the website that the usernames and passwords are for.  When Student one says they forgot their password for IXL, I point them to the IXL tech cards that are hanging on the bulletin board to find their password.  

Another option is to create a tech card ring for each students.  In other words, each student has their own ring of usernames and passwords. 

You can download these FREE tech cards HERE.

At the beginning, it may seem a bit time consuming.  In the long run, it will be a time saver and a sanity saver!


  1. You are welcome! I'm glad you found it useful!

  2. But doesn't that mean that any student can look at any other students' passwords?

  3. I used something similar last year- I made each student a set of index cards held together by a ring, and then glued their login information to the cards. This saved time (by not having to hand write all their usernames), esp. since the programs I used usually generate cards electronically. As far as students using each other's usernames, I never had any issues.

  4. I just tried to print these cards, and for some reason when I pressed the link to get to them, it said that the page wasn't there. Are these cards still available?

    1. They are still available, and the link has been fixed!!!

  5. Crystal Cook-MyersMarch 18, 2016 at 8:45 PM

    Finding this has brought me joy! Can't wait to print these for my class.


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