Fun Activities for Reviewing Parts of Speech

Teaching grammar and the parts of speech for some may be a tedious task, but these are important concepts for students to learn. While I actually love teaching grammar, I am constantly searching for ways to make this subject interesting for my students. Here are a few ideas that can make reviewing the parts of speech a lot of fun.


Around the World

Making a game out of any subject turns learning into fun, and reviewing parts of speech is no different. One of my tried and true games that I have used in my classroom for many years has been Around the World. I use this game for any subject review or for anytime we have a minute or two that needs to be filled. This game is perfect for a quick grammar review. To play, have 2 students stand. The first student stands next to the student beside her. Call out a question and the students who says the correct answer first moves on to the next person who will stand. Play continues around the room. The goal is to see who can stay standing the longest or can even who can go completely around the room. I like this game because there is really no "winner."

Now, to use this with parts of speech, I take three parts of speech that we have been most recently studying. For example, it could be nouns, verbs, and prepositions, or it might be adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions (whatever meets your needs). Tell students the three categories, and tell them that you are going to call out a word. The first person to tell you the correct part of speech gets to remain standing. Of course, you could use more than three categories, but I find that to be a little more confusing.  Students love this game. In fact, when we played this game recently, a student told me, "You have the best games!"

Get Out of Here

Get out of Here is another fun game to play to review parts of speech. This is a line up game in which students must answer 3 questions correctly in order to line up or in order to leave the classroom. If they are unable to answer all 3, they must remain seated or go to the end of the line, and play continues to the next player. To play with parts of speech, just like the game above, give students three categories of parts of speech e.g. nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Call out a word that fits in one of those categories and let the student tell which part of speech the word fits into.

Free Parts of Speech Quilt

Your students will enjoy color coding the parts of speech with this Variety Pack Parts of Speech Quilt set. Students review the parts of speech while creating these fun quilt pieces. The finished pages make a great wall or bulletin board display. This freebie contains a variety of quilt subjects: apple, school bus, girl with pencil, cactus, and pineapple quilts are included. These make great activities to use after weekly tests, during indoor recess, or I use them on days that we do not have specials or activities. Six different quilts are included along with an answer key.

Parts of Speech Quilt Bundle

If your students enjoy the freebie, then try out this Parts of Speech Quilt Bundle that contains seasonal quilts for reviewing the parts of speech for the entire school year. I know that my students smile when they see that they are getting to complete a parts of speech quilt. I love seeing their creativity. Because they get to choose the color for each part of speech, each quilt piece is unique. Try these with your class today. This bundle contains quilt sets for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, Valentine's Day, spring, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter.

Try out the games and freebie for your classroom. Your students will love them!

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