50 Self-Care Ideas for Stressed Out Teachers

No matter how much you love kids and love teaching, teaching isn't easy! From the paperwork to pressures of testing, behavior issues, difficult parents or administrators, and the time that's required, it's very stressful... more than most people realize.

As teachers, we nurture our students and nurture our own family, but most of us really need to remember to take care of ourselves! Consistent self-care is the key!

When we do some kind of self-care, it re-charges us in some way, restores our energy, and even feeds our soul. We all need more of that.

Here's a list of 50 ideas with a variety of self-care activities. Some are absolutely free, while others aren't. Also, I'm sure that some ideas will resonate more with you than others, but I hope this list will encourage you to start including at least one deliberate act of self-care each day!

1. Listen to your favorite music.

2. Go for a walk outside.

3. Read a novel while snuggling up on the couch or the bed.

4. Take a bubble bath.

5. Work in the garden.

6. Drink some herbal tea, hot chocolate, or wine.

7. Spend time with a pet.

8. Light a scented candle.

9. Go to bed early.

10. Order your favorite food.

11. Spend time in meditation or prayer.

12. Take a power-nap on the weekend.

13. Write in a journal.

14. Work on a puzzle.

15. Buy some flowers or pick some flowers if you have any.

16. Get a manicure/pedicure or paint your own nails a pretty color.

17. Call a favorite friend/loved one.

18. Put on your pajamas or comfy clothes when you get home.

19. Watch a fun movie on Netflix or at the theater.

20. Wear your favorite outfit.

21. Take several deep breaths.

22. Use an essential oil.

23. Do some stretches.

24. Soak your feet and have a mini-spa treatment at home.

25. Try a new face mask.

26. Make a list of things that make you feel grateful.

27. Bake or cook something you enjoy.

28. Get a massage.

29. Ride a bike.

30. Unplug from the internet. Put down your phone.

31. Go to a yoga, Zumba, or exercise class.

32. Clean out one thing... a box, a basket, a drawer, an area. Purge!

33. Buy yourself something small but special.

34. Look through pictures that make you happy.

35. Visit something new near you... a museum, a farmer's market, a new shop.

36. Seek out laughter... a favorite show, funny comedian, cat videos.

37. Talk to a counselor, a pastor/priest, or someone you trust.

38. Spend time with those you love.

39. Play an instrument, sing, or dance.

40. Treat yourself to a favorite coffee or ice cream. Eat/drink it slowly.

41. Sit quietly on the patio/porch and enjoy the sunshine or watch the stars.

42. Cuddle or hug your favorite people, animals, or blanket.

43. Listen to an inspiring podcast.

44. Do something creative like drawing, painting, knitting...

45. Go to the beach, mountains, or somewhere in nature.

46. Recite affirmations.

47. Moisturize your skin with a favorite lotion.

48. Get some help when you can: a babysitter, a house cleaner, a meal prep kit.

49. Color in a coloring book.

50. Take a mental health day.

Teacher wellness is something that's important to me. I wrote another post called 5 Ways to Cope With Teacher Stress, if you'd like to read more.

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