6 End of the Year Candy Bar Gifts

Is the end of the school year really near?  Finally, this year is over!  Which one can you relate to?

I’m always looking for inexpensive gifts to give to my students at the end of the year.   I don’t make it a habit to give my students candy, but at the end of the year I do justify it. :)

I created candy gifts for my students.  Since they are candy, they are a hit!

There are six different tags that to chose from:
  1. Hope you have MOUNDS of fun this summer!
  2. Have a WHOPPER of a good summer!
  3. We have had a SNICKERS of a good year!
  4. I MINT to tell you how glad I was to be your teacher!
  5. This school year would have fallen to PIECES without you!
  6. There are a million REESES why I’m glad you were my student!

You can download these tags for free HERE.

Happy end of the year teaching friends!